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In 2007, a friend and I were led to spend sometime praying and ministering to God.  We had no requests.  We just prayed and praised.  During the prayer, God impressed it on both our hearts that I was going to write a devotional.  I had given my life to Jesus and had been a Christian for a few years but I felt I had absolutely nothing to offer anyone. I barely knew nor understood the Bible.

All I knew at the time was that I loved God and wanted to be in the centre of His will for my life.  I wrote down the words I received about the devotional and moved on with life, trusting that God would bring it to pass at the right time.  Slowly, I totally forgot about this word.

Between 2013 and 2014, I went through a rough patch spiritually. I had just had my son, I was far away from my support base in Nigeria and I was overwhelmed with taking care of him. Being a last child who had no experience in taking care of babies, I was terrified, overwhelmed and tired. I felt I was not getting anything right. I also felt so disconnected from God.

I was used to having long times of prayer and periods alone with God and then all of a sudden, I had birthed a little child who required constant attention and care.

About Lilian

Lilian is a wife, mother and Jesus follower. She is a Barrister and Solicitor of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with a master’s degree in International and European Business Law. She is currently a member of the John Maxwell Team and is a Christian speaker, coach and trainer.

Lilian loves to use her ability to speak to encourage, motivate and draw people to the abundant and all-encompassing possibilities in their walk with God. She is happily married to a man who doubles as her life coach, and is blessed with 2 handsome blessed and vibrant boys.

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    Audio devotional by Lilian has become what I call my early morning tonic. Sometimes I get so lazy about the routine download...Then, when I finally get around to it, boom! The next one comes to you like a bolt from the blues addressing what is really bothering your mind at that very moment. At that point you realize that indeed this is not just happenstance but a spirit led ministration by God through His own vessel to minister succor and liberty to a heavy heart and a troubled soul. Audio devotional by Lilian is indeed a testament that God is able to use any of His own to minister His word to the world. Lilian, thank you for being a willing vessel for the propagation of the gospel at this crucial moment of uncertainty in our world. His name alone be praised!
    Lagos, Nigeria
    Three Minutes Audio Devotional has blessed, encouraged and impacted me and some friends of mine in Nigeria. They have told me this much.
    Abuja, Nigeria.
  • Where do I begin to talk about this Audio Devotional. Every episode has been very impactful, precise and straight to the point. I sent it to a lot of people on my social media contact list and the result has being phenomenal. Thank you Lilian for allowing God use you. You are indeed a blessing to this generation and generations yet unborn.
    Three Minutes Audio Devotional has blessed me by empowering and guiding me while I listen to it on my way to work in the mornings. I’ve had to share it often times with family and friends.
    Sligo, Ireland
    I have received various testimonies of how this devotional has blessed lives. Some people would stop me on the way just to say thank you for sending this audio devotional to them every morning, some would call to tell me how they always like to listen to the devotional to kick start their day, others call it morning tonic, while some others say it's like You know exactly what they are going through at a time. These are just few of the comments I have received by forwarding this Morning Tonic. Keep up the good work sis, God has given you a voice and you will continue to be His voice to bring healing to many in Mighty name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ I pray Amen!  
    This devotional has been more than a blessing to me. Each day seems to address whatever difficulties or uncertainties I may be experiencing. In fact I cannot pick out any episode in particular because they ALL always speak to me. And in just 3 mins. Because it is brief, one is able to absorb it as a word for the day irrespective of how busy I am. The duration of the devotional makes it easy to listen to and absorb even on days that have very tight schedules. There is no longer any excuse not to get in a dose of the word to keep you going for the day. Huge blessing. May God keep bless the author of this devotional.
    Navan, Ireland
  • Jessica
    All the devotionals have been inspiring and soul lifting. I have been particularly inspired and blessed recently with "Pay Attention" and "In every realm". Thanks for your daily show and take us through scriptures, exposing us to God's unending love by His word which is a seed. My mom has recently been diagnosed with cancer of the liver and I sent her the episode in every realm and as you did mention and I key into that testimony Cancer is a name and at the mention of the name of Jesus it with bow. Everything thing concerning her therapy has been good news she responding perfectly because OlowoGboboro has done it again. Thank you my sister for all God is doing through you for humanity and I know because our God is too good to fail, my mom's total and divine healing is assured because He has said and He answers prayers. He's the same yesterday, today and forever. Please kindly remember my family in your prayers too.
  • Obehi
    The devotional for 15th June really spoke to me. I had cried so much days on end before that day asking God where He was and that morning I woke up with a feeling of defeat. After I listened to the devotional stoop down and look again I was encouraged again. No matter what we pass through sometimes and how we feel about different situations God is there to send His angels to bring good news to us. It might not be immediately or when we want it but God's grace and mercies are new every morning. With those words ringing in my head every day now stoop down and look I have continued to praise God and study His words no matter how my emotions are. Thank you so much ma and may the grace of God always remain with you.
  •  Dr Gogo Excel
    Three Minutes Audio Devotional has been a dream come true. Yes!!! She actually is a dream come true... The better me keeps unfolding day by day as I listen to the devotional. The 3 minutes Audio devotional gives me a headstart everyday and I'm forever grateful I came across it. God bless everything and everyone that has to do with the 3 minutes Audio Devotional.
    Dr Gogo Excel
    Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

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